About Me

Rai Wang


I’m Rai, mom of two puppies, an OCD wife, and the CMO of United Pups.

Thank you for visiting my website. My life is combined with puppies, lifestyle aesthetics, laughing and smiles. Hope you can enjoy all my pictures and works, and hope I can bring a smile to you too.

Be happy and be bright


I was born in the early 80’s near Taipei, Taiwan, a small and beautiful town in the Taiwan countryside. When I was kid, I liked to participate any activities regarding art, craft, and design. I was not a book smart kid but I had a lot of patience and able to persevere through anything I liked. I didn’t think I had talent until friends and teachers told me. I’m sure all the compliments were what made me magnify my strengths and helped me grow.

I’m not perfect. I still believe for those who keep on learning, and continuing to rise in life. Until now I still think I can do more, learn more, and push even more. Time is so limited. For me the only wealth is the ability to fully experience life, and really enjoy it.